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Pictet Fino Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.

Starting Personalized Life
PICTET FINO is a brand of Pictet Fino Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.
Focus on portable outdoor sports products and travel lifestyle products.

PICTET FINO has always created a fashionable, convenient and casual lifestyle boutique for consumers 
with its unique creativity and rigorous workmanship!
Chinese name : PICTET FINO (百達菲諾)
Brand style: fashionable, convenient and casual
Brand mission: to open a convenient and personalized life.

PICTET FINO is not just a sports brand, it also represents an attitude towards life.
In the 21st century, people are constantly pursuing the quality of life, and sports are already indispensable 
for a healthy life!

PICTET FINO's products not only have the unanimous approval of consumers and customers in design 
and process innovation, And it also has a unique embodiment in terms of humanization and functionality. After years of development, 

PICTET FINO has a complete product design, research and development and production system, and has 
been focusing on research and development of new products to enrich product diversity. The products cover 
sporting goods, mountaineering goods, portable travel goods, etc ...Products in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, 
North America, the Middle East, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions have established 
excellent reputation!

Under the premise of continuously improving the quality of products, guarantee an accessible price!

The Pictet Fino brand has registered trademarks in more than 100 countries around the world, hundreds of 
patents and product test reports, and patents and brands have also been filed at customs.